Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I've come to the conclusion that tourist little kids bug me, a lot.

I also will openly admit that when listening to my ipod and it dies on me I just leave my head phones in so people think i'm still listening to my music. I do this for a couple of reasons.
1) I am, apparently, too lazy to take the lil' suckers out
2) It gives me an excellent cover for extreme eavesdropping (not like i've ever needed a cover, but still . . . )
3) It improves my chances of the creeps staying away. I've noticed the weirdos you meet on the train typically only bother the people who are just sitting there - without any form of distraction.

Today I woke up and looked out the window. It was pouring. I thought to myself 'I really hope it stops before I have to walk to the train station.' Today must have been my lucky day, it only poured after I had safely made it inside. Shocking!

I really need to go grocery shopping soon . . . I really really don't want to.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Runny peanut butter . . . Yum???

This morning as I was preparing to make my lunch I decided on the old fall-back of PB&J. Not really because I love it all that much (though I do usually find it quite delicious) but because on early mornings it is pretty much the only thing I have time to slap together - that and I just the night before picked up some more peanut butter and jelly. Not thinking much about my choice of organic peanut butter at the store yesterday left me with quite a shock this morning. Imagine my surprise when i peeled off the foil safety barrier to find a a pool of liquid sitting on top. -No big deal- I will just mix it up like I am (I'm assuming) supposed to and my peanut butter will be good to go.

. . . Hmm . . . maybe 'good to go' depends on your definition of what 'good' really is. As much as I'd like it to be, mine is not eating PB that has the consistency of whole milk yogurt . . . without any salt . . . at all. A quick look at the time told me I didn't have time to be picky and make something else (not that I would have anyway as i'm such a penny-pinching-tightwad) so I finished making my lunch and was on my way to the train station.

Along the way I passed a jacket in the middle of the road as well as a pair of shoes abandoned on the sidewalk a few yards beyond. I really wanted them to belong to the same person and hoped I would eventually find the rest of the stranger's outfit before I got to the train. But some dreams are meant to remain as such I guess . . .

Once on the train however I found a real winner. There she was just a walkin' down the street singin' do-wah-diddy-diddy-dum-diddy-do! Just kidding she wasn't walking or singing, but leaning, leaning against the window and her . . . wait for it . . . fold up scooter! Mind you this girl is probably early - mid 20s. But in retrospect that scooter was really working for her with her dangly leaf earring - hanging down from the top cartilage of her ear. If you ask me that's a bold statement right there, kind of like wearing a dangly eyebrow ring - which I've never seen in real life but i can definitely picture it in my head. This girl's whole aura was really enhanced by the way her lips couldn't seem to meet each other, ever (at least through out the duration of my exposure). This, paired with the continuous blank stare she sent permeating through the lenses of her gold framed aviators made for a very entertaining, though brief, chunk of time on the train. Welcome to Sarah's world, where people are observed with a scrutinizing eye on a constant basis. . . . but don't worry I'm not here to judge. I'm just looking for entertainment . . .