Wednesday, May 31, 2017

365 Days of Wonder - Day 2

DAY 2: Nothing Says "Happy Memorial Day" Like . . .

The biggest box of chocolates* you've ever seen in your life . . . riding on the CTA.

*Rest assured, proportions are definitely to scale

The smell of "old lady" floating on the breeze.

*You wouldn't expect that scent based off the backs of these ladies, though, would you?!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

365 Days of Wonder - Day 1

It seems that just about every day I observe something or have a thought that I find funny or noteworthy in some way. More often than not, I'll just repeat the event over and over in my head, willing myself to remember it later, rather than just making a note when it happens. In an effort to stop being so lazy - and share these enjoyable insights - I'm challenging myself to post about these notable occurrences every day. Who knows? Maybe they'll be helpful in the future. Here's hoping!


DAY 1 : I swear I'm not a creep

The other night I was trying to reflect on things I really enjoyed doing when I was little. This turned out to be way harder than I anticipated, so it was a happy distraction to pick up on the sounds of an argument outside my window.


Peeping through the blinds, I surveyed the scene. WAIT, NO!!! Turn the lights off first!

I turned the lights off, then went back to my post to watch a lover's quarrel taking place on the sidewalk and nose into other people's problems.

Apparently he was upset that they had to go ALL the way to her friend's house before going to meet HIS friends somewhere else, which was the original plan.

And she was upset that he didn't say anything about not wanting to go to her friend's house first until after they already got there. But he just wasn't having it, "I don't even know why we came over here, they're not even ready to go! I'm just watching you guys eat." [huh?]

A couple of minutes go by, but it's hard to hear what they're actually saying. And then comes a climactic:
"I'm done!"
mumble, mumble
"I'm done!"
Uh-oh, break-up city. Here we go. And, cue crying...

Unfortunately, I don't have proof of their makeup - hugs, hugs, hugs - but it was short lived with some more bickering, which was quickly stopped once they realized their friends* may or may not have been watching them from the window the whole time and they decide to go back inside. 
*and by friends, I do not mean me. I have no idea who these people are.

With the wrap-up of an unanticipated, conveniently-located stakeout, I was reminded of what I REALLY enjoyed when I was little: Spying.